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The Sandford Bush Festival

The Sandford Bush Festival is a participatory Celebration of Bush & Country living
focusing on music, bush-crafts, art and local culture.

This memorable event will be held from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th March 2018 (Labour Day Long Weekend) More

Kathleen Milikin Centre

Childcare Centre Opens for Business.


With a kindergarten, two primary schools, dedicated secondary college and community centre offering adult education and recreational courses, Casterton is well equipped in the education arena.

Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart School has built a reputation for care and commitment in the local

community. Within a supportive and creative environment, with Christ as its centre, Sacred Heart School strives to engender in its students a sense of self worth and the ability and desire to live a vital role in the Church and society.

An area rich in history, Casterton relies very heavily upon the wool and beef industries. Service industries and retail business also contribute to employment opportunities. The great majority of families in Casterton, and so in our school, have been in the district for several generations. These are the descendants of the Anglo-Irish settlers and workers who moved into the area from the 1840's on. At Sacred Heart about half of our families are primary producers or rely directly upon landholders for their employment. A significant number belong to the service industries, a lesser number are involved in secondary and retail business, with a small number being in professional positions. Unemployment and economic conditions see a significant number of our families facing financial difficulty. There are also a number of single parent families.

It's geographical position has given Casterton a strong sense of identity and sees the community strive to create and maintain excellent public facilities. Casterton people aspire to excellence in their endeavors in all fields and the community is noted for its energy and public spirit.

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Casterton Primary School

Education in Casterton has a long and proud tradition dating back to 1857 when the first school was established.

After many structural changes, Casterton Primary School (enrolment 215 ) is now a modern, spacious school set in picturesque grounds.  The school serves a diverse socio-economic rural community within a radius of 50 km.

The Casterton Primary School warmly welcomes you to our school.  Our teachers strive to provide a caring environment for students where children are given a sound academic grounding as well as being extended in other areas – in creative arts, in sports and in their overall development as citizens.

Casterton Primary School is an excellent educational facility.  The three well-appointed teaching blocks incorporating wet areas, open spaces and withdrawal rooms, are complimented by a spacious administration block, a modern canteen and an excellent art room.  The extremely well resourced library services both the school and local community.  The excellent school gardens and grounds compliment the modern building design.  A Youth Club and surrounding grounds provide excellent facilities for indoor and outdoor sports and recreational activities.  A well   appointed playground provides a safe play and out-door environment.

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Casterton Secondary College

The College has a fifty-four  year history and is nestled in a picturesque valley surrounded by rolling red gum hills. Casterton Secondary College is a single campus, Year 7 - 12 school.

Casterton is 353km. west of Melbourne and is approximately 70 km. from Hamilton in Western Victoria and Mt. Gambier and the Coonawarra districts in the South East of South Australia. Casterton Secondary College services the needs and provides opportunities for the people of Strathdownie, Dergholm, Coleraine, Merino and Casterton.

The 2009 enrolment is 206 students. Enrolments have briefly increased, but in line with the local trend are expected to remain steady in the near future. Our students come predominantly from rural or related backgrounds and 37% of our families are EMA recipients. There are low levels of students born oversees and very few students of Koori background.

The staff of the college has changed significantly in recent years. We currently have 25 teaching staff (including the Principal Class), with part-timers which equates to 24.6 effective fulltime positions. There are 14 non-teaching staff including integration aides. Of the teaching staff, 5 teachers have less than five years experience, 12 are Expert Class and a further two are Leading Teachers. The remainder are in the graduate or accomplished categories.

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Kathleen Millikan Centre (Casterton Kindergarten)

The centre provides kindergartens sessions from 9.00a.m. - 2.00p.m. four days a week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Each child is offered fifteen hours of kindergarten with attendance based on a rotational model that allows every child to attend three five hour sessions a week.
Parents are invited to visit the kindergarten to observe the program that we provide for the children and families in Casterton and surrounding districts.
All enquiries regarding enrolments should be directed to Pat Ingham at the kindergarten ph. 55811195 or mobile 0488054344

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