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The Sandford Bush Festival is a participatory Celebration of Bush & Country living
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Kathleen Milikin Centre

Childcare Centre Opens for Business.


The Glenelg River is a link between many different types of environment. It starts in the mountainous Grampians and ends at the sea near Nelson. It goes through rich Red Gum country and the poorer sandy soils that are home to the Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo. For many creatures it is a corridor that allows free travel to different areas.

The Glenelg River is the major waterway of this sub-catchment within the Glenelg Basin. The main drainage area is from the north and east and includes tributaries such as Kadnook, Stewarts, Smokey, Powers, Adams, Ferres, McPherson, Booroite, Salt, Nolan, Red Cap and Deep Creeks. Other tributaries include the Chetwynd and Wando Rivers, and Steep Bank Rivulet.

Sub-catchment extends from 11km North of Burkes Bridge to the confluence of the Wannon and Glenelg River. It stretches from Poolaijelo in the west across to Konongwootong in the east.

The total length of the Glenelg River is over 350 kilometres. It has a length of approximately 85 kilometres through this sub-catchment, and passes through the township of Casterton.

Friends of the Glenelg River

Friends of the Glenelg River are a very active group. We conduct activities that are fun, educational and have a positive impact on river health. Our goal is to run enough different activities that every person in the community has a good reason to get involved in the Glenelg River in some way.

Our main goal is to involve the whole community in environmental projects. Some are just for fun like the free canoe days, the annual art competition and the annual tug of war across the river. Other activities are aimed at providing information about the river, like the calendar and the walking trail with it’s interpretive signage. And then there are the projects that will directly benefit the environment; they include our seed collection and tree planting days, and removing litter from the river.

Friends of the Glenelg River Inc members believe that the best way to protect our environment is for the whole community to get involved. If you would like to get more involved feel free to contact our office on 55542323 or by talking to Tim Burnard (President) on 55 812205.

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